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“Inside the Gates of Heaven” by Oden Hetrick

Chapter 21


In order to help me understand what I was seeing in Heaven, sometimes God would perform something special for me on earth.

One Sunday morning in Florida, my family and I were sitting in church when I noticed a strange lighting effect. I looked out the window and saw a beautiful sight. The sky was covered with bright clouds lighted by the morning sun with a golden color. This produced bright golden light shining from all parts of the sky. The tree leaves were gold colored; the ground and the buildings and the bushes were all gold colored; and there were no shadows under the trees! I told my family that there are scenes like this in the Holy Place of Heaven.

One Sunday in May, as we were outside preparing for a singing engagement that evening, my daughter Joy ran excitedly out of the house and said, What is that strange cloud up there?

I looked up and saw a large bright cloud, oval shaped like the Sea of Glass before God’s Throne. Large clouds are usually bright around the edge and dark in the center. This cloud was extremely and evenly bright all over its surface. Close to the cloud and completely surrounding it, was a very thin black line like you see at the edge of a clear bubble where the light rays are bent together.

I said, There is something supernatural about that cloud.

The cloud retained its brightness as it became smaller and smaller and in about fifteen minutes disappeared from sight. Immediately following this, and in another part of the sky, we saw a five-minute display as two short streaks of light formed from top to bottom, then other streaks appeared forming rungs in a ladder in the sky and then all vanished.

Pondering all this, I wondered what the Bible said about bright clouds, and then I remembered the transfiguration in Matthew 17:2-5, where Jesus gave to three of His disciples a demonstration of His coming in His Kingdom. His face shone as bright as the sun, and His clothing shone like white light, and a BRIGHT CLOUD overshadowed them.

I think the meaning of all this is that Jesus is soon coming in His Kingdom, the City of Heaven, and He will shine like the sun in the sky. [Mat 13:43]

Will you be ready to live in that beautiful City? Jesus died on the cross that you may live forever. His shed blood can wash the sins from your soul.

Pray this prayer with me:

Jesus I’m sorry for my sins
I believe you died on the cross in my place
Please forgive me and wash my sins away
Teach me to pray,
Help me to read the Bible,
Help me to be ready when You return,
I ask this in Your Name, Jesus.
Thank you, Lord, for saving my soul!

Now read your Bible and ask the Lord to help you understand it. Ask the Lord to help you in your daily life, and thank Him for all He does for you.


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