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“Testimony of Heaven — Inside the Holy City”

An interview with Oden Hetrick who visited Heaven many times. It unveils amazing details of Heaven: The Holy City, The Tree of Life, The River of Life, Mansions, Chambers, The Throne of God, The Sea of Glass, Companionship & Intimacy, and much more.

[1 hour 38 minutes]


Jesus, My Beloved

Here is another song that Oden Hetrick wrote. The words he put to this tune show the intimate relationship he had with his Heavenly Father. It speaks of his devotion to His Divine Creator Redeemer.

A beautiful love song to Jesus, played and sung by Oden Hetrick's daughter, Faith.

Jesus, Thou art altogether lovely
Thou art my Beloved and my Friend.

Jesus, Jesus my Beloved,
sweeter than the Rose of Sharon
Thou art ever near my side,
so intimately nigh.

Repeat Chorus

Jesus, Jesus tender Shepherd,
Lead me by the cool still waters
Keep me ever near to Thee,
Thy child to ever be.

Repeat Chorus (2x)


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