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The Bible is a spiriual Book - (John 6:63 -- Rom 7:14)

written by the Spirit of God - (I Pet 1:11; II Pet 1:21)
to be spiritually discerned - (I Cor 2:14)
by spiritual saints - (I Cor 2:15; Gal 6:1)
who are filled with the Spirit - (Eph 5:18)
and who are spiritually minded - (Rom 8:6)
with spiritual understanding - (Col 1:9)
comparing spiritual things with spiritual. - (I Cor 2:13)

Spiritual saints wrestle against wicked spiritual rulers - (Eph 6:12)

with the armor of God and the sword of the Spirit. - (Eph 6:17)

Spiritual saints sing spiritual songs - (Eph 5:19; Col 3:16)

receive spiritual gifts - (Rom 1:11; I cor 14:12
are blessed with all spiritual blessings - (Eph 1:3)
and are built up a spiritual house - (I Pet 2:5)
to offer up spiritual sacrifices - (I Pet 2:5)

Spiritual saints worship in spirit and truth

(the) God who is a Spirit - (John 4:23, 24)
receive spiritual bodies at the resurrection - (I Cor 15:42)
and are carried in spirit to Heaven - (Rev 4:2; 21:10)
to Paradise - (II Cor 12:4) to Heavenly Jerusalem - (Heb 12:22)
to an eternal building of God in the sky - (II Cor 5:1)
to the City of God - (Heb 11:16)
to an unshakable Kingdom - (Heb 12:27)

Definition of Spiritual:
The real and eternal realm of life and existence; spirits good and bad; invisible to mortals; super-natural,, superhuman; vital principle; spirit, soul, mind; intellect, emotions, will; powers of sense: see, hear, smell, taste and touch.

The Bible tells us we are spirit, soul and body. (IThess 5:23) The body we live in is called physical because it is earthbound, corruptible and mortal. It suffers pain, disease, and death. The real eternal person is the invisible soul that fits in the body like a hand fits in a glove. The soul contains the powers of sense -- see, hear, smell, taste and touch. The soul contains intellect, emotion and will. The body was made to transmit senses to the soul.

When soul and body are separated, the body is dead and the soul continues to live on in another place. But while on earth a feminine soul lives in a female body, and a masculine soul lives in a male body. When souls leave bodies, they are still masculine and feminine but no longer male and female. Souls do not reproduce.

A spirit also lives in the body with the soul. It is our consciousness of God. The soul who seeks after God and is born again is joined with the spirit and that person is called spiritual, while yet living in a physical body. The soul who uses the body to seek after the things of the world is called carnal, sensual, devilish and wicked. When a wicked person dies, the body goes in the ground, the soul goes to hell, and the spirit returns to God. (Ecc 12:7) When a spiritual person dies, the body goes in the ground and the soul returns with the spirit to God.

On the resurrection day, physical bodies are changed into non-reproducing masculine and feminine bodies that do not die. A physical body is composed of flesh and bone and blood. A spiritual body is composed of flesh and bone, indwelled by a redeemed soul. It is an eternal body that lives in the invisible spiritual world and can also become visible to the physical world. Just as birds that can walk or fly would rather fly, so glorified spiritual beings would rather be in the spiritual realm. And just as spiritual beings can appear to physical beings, so Jesus and the City of God will become visible to men on earth. In that day every soul will know himself for what he or she is.

"....... Be filled with the knowledge of His will in all wisdom and spiritual understanding;

That you may walk worthy of the Lord and please Him in all things, being fruitful in every good work, and increasing in the knowledge of God;

Strengthened with all might, according to His glorious power, unto all patience and longsuffering with joyfulness;

Giving thanks to the Father, who made us worthy to be partakers of the inheritance of the saints in the kingdom of light:

And having delivered us from the power of darkness, has translated us into the kingdom of His dear Son: in whom we have redemption through His blood, even the forgiveness of sins." Colossians 1:9-14

"To be spiritually minded is life and peace." Romans 8:6



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