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Come See My Mansion
An excerpt from "Heaven and the Gracious King"
by Joyful Star daughter of Oden Hetrick

Now let's continue on to my mansion, big enough to cover several acres. The spacious lawn around the mansion is bordered by soft high bushes with all shades of green. All around the inside of the bushes there is a shiny yellow fence with gold trim and a fancy latticework gate of gold that leads into the flower gardens in the front yard. From the gate the golden walkway with inlaid gems goes left and right, making a circle that meets back at the path to the mansion stairway. Inside this circle pathway, there are two large beautiful water fountains. In between the two fountains, there are beautiful flowers of all colors planted in the shape of a cross.

Outside the circle pathway, you will find arbors with comfortable seats situated in various places among more gardens. So come on in and enjoy the lovely sparkling water. Drink some if you like. You may also pick as many flowers as you want because more will appear in their place.

I remember one day standing in a field of gorgeous yellow flowers, some as tall as my waist. I picked one that had such soft, velvety petals. It smelled so lovely that I began to rub its perfune all over my face and arms. Please feel free to do the same with these flowers.

If you're done tasting water and picking flowers, take a moment before we get close to the mansion to look at the whole front side. The walls are made of a shiny bluish purple substance, and there is a round tower with a dome top on each corner. Now let's walk around to the mansion's stairways.

One stairway goes to the right, and one goes to the left. The steps and banisters are made of shiny white marble. Just before we ascend the steps, we see a pearl-like doorway right in front of us. This leads into a very large banquet hall. We will be going there later. Right now, let's ascend the steps. Each stairway has a landing and another set of steps that leads to the porch in front of the mansion. There are large columns around the outside of the porch. From here we see a large doorway that looks like stained glass.

We would now like to welcome you into our mansion. As we come through the large vestibule, we find ourselves on the top landing that is on three sides. There are three steps that go down to another landing that is just a wide open space in the center. In each of the four corners, there is a short pedestal of shiny gold and white marble with golden flower bowls. Today the bowls are holding purple flowers. Straight across from the vestibule, there is the stairway to the next floor. To our right there is a tower with our library inside. This library holds several comfortable chairs and couches, two desks, and of course, many books! Right beside the library, there is a big room, similar to what we on the earth call a living room. Notice that each of the rooms is very large.

The tower to the left is our music room. It is large enough to accommodate a complete orchestra. One of the biggest things in here is a white marble grand piano for me to play. There are two harps and several other instruments, including a guitar for my dad when he comes to visit! There is a huge archway that opens from the music room into the large room on the left so that people there can enjoy the music and see the musicians. This is a room with many purposes.

On each of the other corners at the back, there are also towers with dome tops. In the left tower, there are my bins of jewels. I use these to make gifts for my friends. The kitchen is also in that part of the mansion. Out back there are gardens with nuts, fruits, spices, and more flowers. So thank you for coming to visit. And if you would like to go out through the gardens and eat some fruit and nuts, you are quite welcome.

boy and girl walking on gold street to Heavenly City

in my father's house are many mansions

Where we will live Joyfully ever after!!

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