My Treasured Photo Album
                                       by David Hetrick

A precious photo album have I, a favored book.
Every day I turn its pages to ponder and to look.
His eyes of compassion soothe away any grief.
His nail-pierced hands reach out and beckon me
His heart of loving kindness overwhelms my thirsty soul.
From beginning to end, a story is told
In rhyming hues and prints so bold.

ON THE VERY FIRST PAGE He is pictured with His Father
   creating all things and building a world.

Later on He became one of us, a helpless human baby;
Yet see how His presence transforms a lowly stable.
Beyond all doubt, this is the most familiar of all reprints.

Then I see him as a child
   in His adopted earthly father's carpenter shop
Helping him build
  but knowing his mission is to build the lives of men.

ON THIS PAGE He appears as a boy of twelve
   obeying his Father in Heaven
   and astounding the learned men of earth.

THIS SET OF THREE PRINTS is a wonderful display
   of His endurance in temptation
In #1 He pauses amid stones that appear as loaves of bread
In #2 on the dizzying height of the temple spire;
In #3 on a high mountain overlooking the world's kingdoms
Not once did he yield.
What a comfort to know he is near when i am tried.

SEE HIM HERE as he walks on the water
   and calms the wind and waves.
How reassuring to know He is Master of every situation in my life.

THIS ONE always touches my heart.
See how He blessed the little children
   as they eagerly press in around Him.
"Except you become as one of these..."  He said.
I like to picture myself as one of them.

AND HERE He is seen in His role as Good Shepherd
   cradling a tiny lamb in His strong, gentle arms
   safe and secure from all alarms.

THERE He communes with Moses and Elijah.
See how his face glows like the sun.

THESE TWO PRINTS display His mercy and forgiveness.
In this one by the side of the well
  He convinces a woman of her sin.
In the other, He graciously pardons a woman
   condemned by unjust men.

HERE He speaks to a crowd of 5000 or more
   and nourishes them plentifully, body and soul.

ON THE NEXT PAGE a very solemn and tender scene
   greets my sighing eye:
See the comforting angel who comes to strengthen him
   as he kneels in the garden with the burden of my sin
   and the sins of all the world upon Him.

Then He is seen standing alone in the judgment hall ---
   no one to defend Him.
And oh, how my soul within me will cry
   reviewing how He was condemned to die.
It breaks my heart to see him grieving so;
To think it was for me he suffered shame and disgrace
   at the hands of wicked men;
Yet He forgives -- for I was one of them.

Even in the midst of agony and pain
   His gracious invitation to Paradise is extended to a penitent thief.

THIS NEXT PICTURE is truly a postcard scene.
Such brilliant color!
It is Resurrection Morning!!  It is an empty tomb!
   and a triumphant risen Savior!
Notice how the cross remaining there on the horizon has been
   transformed into a glorious symbol of love and grace and life.

   an immense panorama filling two whole pages.
Here He is with His entire family
   all assembled together for this special portrait.
This is Yahweh/God, the Father
There's Yeshua/Jesus, his faithful Son
And look at all the angels.
There are the saints of ages past, and here are many more
   of just men made perfect
   (but not just men --- there are women too)
I can imagine that's me there,
   the tiny speck in the lower right corner.

See his eyes of flaming fire.
See his clothing of pure, shining, white light.
What a portrayal of perfect power!

Ultimately, I see him enthroned with His Father
   there in rainbow encircled majestic grandeur.
As I gaze in awe, I hear Him say, "You will sit with Me".

Many more scenes I could describe as i close the book and sigh.
These are not mere memories of days gone by,
But true revelations of His love drawing nigh.

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